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Why Parrish Charter Academy?

FORZA Education Management is thrilled to operate Florida's first Experiential Learning themed school, Parrish Charter Academy. Our unique educational program offers:

  • Challenging Experiential Learning Curriculum:  Engages students in active learning through hands-on and project-based activities.

  • Rigorous Mastery of Florida Standards: Utilizes effective, research-based teaching strategies to ensure students meet and exceed state standards.

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Encourages students to think critically and solve problems through practical applications.

  • Enriched Student Experience: Provides a wide range of educational activities beyond the classroom to broaden student learning.

  • Character and Leadership Development: Maintains consistent school-wide discipline by focusing on character and leadership growth.

  • Nurturing Environment: Creates a warm, supportive atmosphere with a low teacher-to-student ratio.

  • Small-Group Instructional Blocks: Offers targeted intervention and in-depth skill-building through small-group instruction.

  • Community Partnerships: Collaborates with local businesses and leaders to enhance learning opportunities.

  • Unique Classes:

    • K – 2nd: Culture and Character

    • 3rd – 5th: Transformational Literacy

    • 3rd – 5th: Creative Studies



Why FORZA Education Management?

FORZA Education Management, a premier charter management company in West Florida, provides:

  • Competitive Salaries: Includes potential salary increases based on school enrollment projections.

  • Comprehensive Benefits Package: Offers health insurance and retirement benefits after the first year.

  • Family-Oriented Atmosphere: Fosters a supportive, family-like environment for staff.

  • Additional Compensation Opportunities: Provides extra pay for after-school tutoring, coaching sports, and leading clubs.

  • Site-Based Management: Pays close attention to the needs and requests of faculty and staff.

What is the Hiring Timeline?

  • January – Application Period Open

  • April – Interviews Begin

  • June – Application Period Ends

What We Expect

Working at a theme-based charter school requires dedication and commitment. Staff will engage in professional learning opportunities to enhance their teaching methods and positively impact student achievement.


Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to Mrs. Dawn Patterson at


For more information and details about our Teacher Recruitment Fair, please visit

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